Do we have our own repair department?

Yes, we have our own repair department. Our dedicated repair team provides full range of repair services on our products. The team members have many years of experience for repairing defective devices, there will be an initial repair charge (IRC) of HKD$150 for phone and HKD$300 for camera. This IRC does not include Return Shipping fee.

If the repair fee (Parts & Labor) is going to cost more than the initial repair charge, and at over HKD$400 for phone or HKD$600 for camera, camcorder, Game console and MP3, we will provide an additional quote for the repair and all payments have to be paid in advance before any repair work will be processed. Process time usually takes 3-5 business days for phone, 7-10 business days for camera, depending on the conditions of the unit.

All defective units have to be accompanied with our “repair form” in order for us to process them in a timely manner. We only require the defective unit and the battery. Please DO NOT ship us the box or any other accessories to us.

We only cover 7 days warranty upon the delivery of the fixed unit.

We will make every attempt to fix the problem. We appreciate immensely for your cooperation.

* Note: The following prices are for reference only

Symptoms of phone: Approx. in HKD
Screen Crack $900
Touch Panel Crack $2500
Symptoms of DSLR camera: Approx. in HKD
Reflex Mirror Crack $1000
PCB Damage $3000
Shutter Damage $800
LCD Screen Faulty $1500
Symptoms of compact camera: Approx. in HKD
Lens Error $800
Cannot save picture in memory card $600
PCB Damage $2200