CRD experts in wholesale and drop ship consumer electronics products in a worldwide scale. We have had over 10 years’ experience in importing and exporting mobile phones, digital cameras, camera lenses, tablets, Drones, and more. We are now one of the leading wholesaling and drop shipping consumer electronics suppliers in Hong Kong. We offer top leading brand products such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Oneplus, Nokia, Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Nintendo and more. At CRD, customer satisfaction is our priority concern. We provide a full range of after sales services including defective claim repair and replacement to make sure our customers are always satisfied with our service.

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    • 5 reasons of why people choose CRD as a preferred vendor:
  • Ready to Ship
  • Systematic and Professional
  • Strong Sense in Market Trends
  • Strong Sense of Responsibility
  • Efficiency