What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which you do not have to keep inventory but instead transfers your customer’s orders and shipment details to us. We then ship the products directly to the customer on behalf of your name. You make profit on the difference between our price and your retail price.

As in any business, some potential inventory issues may occur in drop shipping. For example, your order may become back order when products are sold out and we are still waiting for the replenishment. Back orders may be reflected badly to your customers. However, being an experienced Drop Shipper, one of our major tasks is to update the stock availability status to you in order to minimize the back ordering occurs.

Download Dropship Form

How do our Drop Shipping service flow?

Preparation->Order received -> Item dispatched

What is our preparation?

Quality Checking – Inspecting the physical condition, network reception, camera function, and package content of each device.

Default into English – Set English as a default language on all items.

User Guide – Since the product origin may not be intended for your own country or region, therefore the user guide might not be printed in your desire language. We will supply a copy of English user guide or a PDF CD-ROM along with each item.

Charger Convertor– Since the product origin may not be intended for your country or region, therefore the battery charger might not be fitted with your electrical outlet. We will provide an appropriate convertor along with each item.

What shall we do upon order receive?

Packing Belt – Delivery your item from our warehouse to our logistics department.

Shipping Document – Our logistics department’s documentation specialist will prepare all related shipping documents include Air Way Bill, Custom declare invoice, and all appropriate labeling. Below are the 23 required information to generate each shipping document:

1 Courier Name
2 Box / Pak
3 Sender’s Name
4 Sender’s Company Name (if any)
5 Sender’s Address (Suite / Street Nos., Street Building)
6 City
7 State
8 Zip Code
9 Country
10 Tax ID (if any)
11 Consignee’s Name
12 Consignee’s Company Name (if any)
13 Consignee’s Address (Suite / Street Nos., Street, Building)
14 City
15 State
16 Zip Code
17 Country
18 Item Description on AWB
19 Item Description on Custom
Commercial Invoice (name and value)
20 Insurance (Y / N)
21 Carriage Value
(only apply for purchase insurance)
22 Currency Unit
23 Saturday Delivery (Y / N)


Recheck Procedure – Make sure all of your requested items are included and no finger print mark on the device.

Item Scan – For accuracy and recording purpose, all items are scanned before pack.

Bubble wrap – For protection purpose, all items have been wrapped by bubble.

Dispatch to Courier – Our logistic partners: FedEx, UPS, DHL and Dpex will scan the tracking number upon package pick up and upload those information to their mainframe computer server.

What shall we do after item dispatched?

Email tracking number – Our computer system will send each tracking number to your appointing email address.

Shipment summary – Your account manager will update the summary of your shipped orders as well as enclose the official invoice and your account ledger to you in the following day.