Do our products come with your desire languages?
English is the default language for all items. Other than English, we cannot guarantee your desired language is included in the device menu. However, you can request us to upgrade languages into your device at additional charge. Please note that language availability depends on product and models and cannot be guaranteed. Also second language pack may not be fully compatible with all features in the original device. Please contact our account managers for further information.

Do our product’s electrical plug fit for your desired country?
We source globally for best products at the lowest price for our customers. Sometimes, the device origin may not be intended for your country or region and the electrical plug may not fit. In those cases, we will provide a correct matching type of plug converter in your shipment for FREE. In addition, you can request us to switch to a desired original charger at additional cost. However, availability may not be guaranteed. Please contact our account managers for further information.

What is our stock availability?
We always keep a sufficient level of inventory. Our full range of “Ready to Ship” inventory together with our strong network of supply channels can satisfy all your needs.

Can you see the picture of our products?
We will email the product pictures upon your request. Those pictures are for your internal use only. If you request photo taking services of all products, a services of all products, a service fee will be applied.

Will our items come with original seal labels?
Usually, as common in the industry, even brand new items do not come with original seal labels. Phone might be broken seal and activated before main distributor exported to us.